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FILE - Migrants wait to be processed by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol after they crossed the Rio Grande and entered the U.S. from Mexico, Oct. 19, 2023, in Eagle Pass, Texas. A Texas law that allows the state to arrest and deport migrants suspected of illegally entering the U.S. will remain on hold for now, a federal appeals court ruled. The order late Tuesday, March 26, 2024, from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals followed a March 20 hearing by a three-judge panel of the court. It’s just the latest move in a seesaw legal case that is not yet over. (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)
Texas' migrant arrest law is on hold for now under latest court ruling
Oswaldo Medina, Student Writer • March 27, 2024
Nilab Ahmadi, student • March 26, 2024
Boats move near a container ship as it rests against wreckage of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
Baltimore Key Bridge , Francis Scott Collapse
Andrnique Boyd, Student Writer • March 26, 2024
Campus & Community
HCC ADN Nursing Program making a 'strong comeback'?
Jennifer Mendez, Student • March 26, 2024
College student presenting their picket sign at protest
Tuition Rising for Immigrant and Minority in Canada
Tammarious Scott, Associated Press • March 26, 2024

Tuition Rising for Immigrant and Minority in Canada

Student takes trip to Canada and appears to come across an education scandal!
Tammarious Scott
College student presenting their picket sign at protest

This past spring break, the HCC honors students embarked on the opportunity to take an educational trip to Montreal, Canada. While taking a tour of the esteemed McGill University, they received many warnings from students commenting “Don’t come here!” and “It’s not worth it!”, under the impression that the group would be future students that would attend.

Once they completed their tour, the Honors College class went to the university’s art museum. As they were leaving the museum cars began to flood the roads in standstill traffic and commotion from a couple blocks away had streets blocked off. The honors class made their way toward the disturbance and were greeted by police in cars and on horses.

Once they broke through the crowds, they witnessed students passing around a microphone and loudly protesting their grievances out of large speakers on the back of the truck; partly in French but mostly in English. Shouting out their negative feelings toward how the distribution of government funding has gone, their affliction with the office workers who are taking money from the schools, and the financial mistreatment of immigrant and minority students.

Sign of college student attending rally (Tammarious Scott)

Not sure of their organization of origin of the problem, but as they presented their case very well they then proceeded to instruct everyone to create a ruckus for the nearby financial institutions to let them know their displeasure with their decisions. People took turns sharing their experiences as immigrant or minority students. Once the crowd gave their final hoorah, they began marching down the streets of Montreal shouting and chanting. More and more people began to join and take up entire streets.

Surprisingly the police seemed to support their rights by soliciting them part of the streets and protecting them from traffic. Making sure that the protesters were safe and not causing public distress or damage.

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