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What is the history of Israel vs Palestine conflict ?

Why are they fighting?
What is the history of Israel vs Palestine conflict ?

I’m sure you must’ve seen the unspeakable things happening on that side of the world that has reached the eyes of most of the world if not you must be living under a rock. Although the most recent of these events have started October 7th of this year, this is an issue that has been ongoing ever since the 1930s when tensions rose between parties which resulted in them openly fighting. If you must ask why is this happening now? It is happening because of a mixture of issues with power, politics, religion, geography, and of course history. Unfortunately, till this day there is no agreement between the parties.

As many of us know that Jews have faced many difficulties. They have had to deal with problems like the alleged association with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, they were banned from owning properties, economically marginalized, socially outcasted, faced discriminatory laws, and around the late 1900s they searched for a place of safety and security.

Jews from Eastern Europe and Russian began to move to Palestine in 1905, under ottoman empire rule which collapses and defeated by the British-Italian alliance in the first World War in 1918. Britain takes over Palestine, Britain owed debt financially to Jewish leaders who have assisted them in the war. The Promised Land, which is what Arthur Balfour, promised a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine called The Balfour Declaration. As expected, the Muslim and Christian Arabs opposed The Balfour Agreement because they’d be displaced on land they’ve occupied for centuries. It resulted in them openly fighting in land. Later through the years World War 2 around 1941 and 1945, the tragedy of Jews and Judaism has reached an unprecedented point known as the Holocaust when the German nazis under Hitler has designed a horrific plan to wipe out every Jew in their vicinity.

In 1947, the matter went to the newly created The United Nations which voted to partition Palestine. They have adopted a resolution “181” and according to it there was supposed to be an Arab state and a Jewish state. This resolution was rejected by the Palestinians because jews were given nearly 56 % of the land which included the coastal regions despite them only making 36% of the population during the time.

In 1948, jews were in control of the land promised to them and other Arab territories. On May 14,1948, Israel has become a country which was the first Jewish state in 2000 years but to the Palestinian people this was a Nakba (catastrophe) and it was the start of endless fighting between both parties. A day after the creation of Israel, neighboring Arab countries Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, and Iraq invaded them which result in the First Arab Israeli War on May 15, 1948.

Whose land is it ? Both Israel and Palestine see the land as their own, a land which is sacred to Christians too.
Israelis have signed the Balfour Declaration as their right to exist and the Palestinians regard it as the state of the dispossession from a land which is theirs, But in all of this conflict there was something very significant that was in the agreement many have forgotten, it was said that “clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities of Palestine.” -Arthur Balfour

I acknowledge that this may be a sensitive topic for many individuals. This is only for educational purposes and to inform you on the climate of this issue, so I advise you to read it with caution and only to seek some answers to the question. What is the cause of the conflict between Palestine and Israel?

My Presentation PALESTINEWW.pdf

YouTube Source Israel-Palestine war: A simple history of how it all began | Explained | Gravitas Plus – YouTube

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