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Astros game was about to get stuck due to France's family emergency
Shunya Watanabe, Student • September 30, 2023
This photo taken Oct. 8, 2009 shows an evening coats and dresses which are included in the exhibit called  Painting the Town: 1920s High Style in Dallas.
Evelyn Cruz September 15, 2023
A defeated New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones during the 4th quarter of Monday night opener.
Attack on New York: Can the New York Giants right the ship and bounce back from week one?
Moses Adeyeye, student • September 15, 2023

People wait to hear news after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School, in Uvalde, Texas.
Jay'ton Allen , Student Writer • September 15, 2023
World DanceSport Federation vice-president for sports Nenad Jeftic has claimed that breakings introduction at Paris 2024 can revolutionise the Olympic Games ©Paris 2024
Breaking in the 2024 Olympics: Art form or Sport?
Andrea Minotti September 15, 2023

Lionel Messi’s Impact on Inter Miami: A Game-Changer for Major League Soccer Glory?

AP Photo/Marta Lavandier
Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi holds up his team jersey during a news conference, Thursday, Aug. 17, 2023, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Lionel Messi, a world-class soccer player and one of the greatest of all time, surprised the soccer world when he made his move to Inter Miami in Major League Soccer. His arrival has been met with both speculation and excitement about how he can help elevate the fortunes of this relatively young franchise.

Messi’s transfer to Inter Miami in the summer of 2023 has served as a landmark in club’s history and for American soccer. After spending the entirety of his career in Europe, his arrival on American soil was met with great reception. The signing signaled Inter Miami’s ambition to become a force in Major Soccer League.

When it comes to Messi’s on-field performance, his stats are remarkable. Throughout his career, he has consistently been among the top goal-scorers and assist providers in the world. His dribbling, passing, vision and precise finishing make him a game-changer in any team. In his debut season with Inter Miami, Messi continued to display his extraordinary talent. He has averaged nearly a goal per game and consistently provides assist, showcasing his ability to both provide opportunities for his teammates and score goals. His presence on the pitch has a big impact on the entire team’s performance.

Inter Miami forward Lionel Messi waves to the crowd after winning an MLS soccer match against Los Angeles FC, Sunday, Sept. 3, 2023, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Ryan Sun)

Messi’s influence extends beyond his stats. His arrival has had a significant impact on the team’s overall performance and recognition around the globe. Inter Miami’s attendance figures have soared since his signing, and the club’s merchandise sales have increased more than ever. This commercial success has enabled the club to invest in infrastructure and talent. On the field, Messi’s leadership and experience have brought confidence to the team. His ability to read the game, make quick decisions, and execute under pressure have contributed immensely in tight Major League Soccer games.


The big question remains: Can Messi help Inter Miami reach the summit of Major League Soccer? It’s a challenging goal, given the competitiveness of the league and the presence of other big star players. However, Messi’s impact cannot be undervalued. If he can stay injury-free and be on top of his game, he has the potential to lead Inter Miami to Major League Soccer Cup victory.

While reaching the top of Major League Soccer will be a formidable challenge, Messi’s presence undoubtedly increases the odds of Inter Miami lifting the trophy. The soccer world watches as Messi continues his journey in the United States, eager to see if he can add another astonishing chapter to his extraordinary career.


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