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New Apple Products Have Been Released. What’s New?

Apple’s new iPhone get faster chips, better cameras, and new charging ports.
Apple iPhone 15 announced with better camera, new features

On Tuesday, CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) unveiled its next generation of iPhones — a lineup that will boast better cameras, faster processors, a new charging system, and a price hike for the fanciest model.

As well as Apple has been looking forward to announcing the public, we, as Apple users, have also been excited to see the new iPhone model, which was finally revealed on Sep. 12 Designs and new features were launched, and here are some quick reviews.

Long story short, Apple’s stock price has dropped by about 10% since mid-July, as well as dropping the company’s market value by more than a trillion dollars, AP mentions. At the same time, the company’s shares also fell by nearly 2% recently. The market prices’ decline has been dramatically steep.

However, the emergence of the iPhone 15 is such a lifesaver to them. AP reveals, “Apple added enough new bells and whistles to the top-of-the-line model — the iPhone 15 Pro Max — to boost its starting price by $100, or 9%, from last year’s version to $1,200. As part of the higher base price, the cheapest iPhone 15 Pro Max will provide 256 gigabytes of storage, up from 128 gigabytes for the least expensive version of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.”

South Korea Financial Markets

It sounds to be a little challenging under ongoing inflation, but the fact that the cheapest model provides 256 gigabytes is such a big deal. It’s enough to convince people to buy them.

According to one of my peers, Sofia Duffoo, the price is set relatively reasonably, saying, “I don’t think it should be more expensive, no matter how many new features are added on, I think the price is alright.”

Speaking of which, if you look more into the new features, you should know how successful the iPhone 15 is by the time you finish reading the whole article.

In addition to the new screen called “Dynamic Island,” which is a doc for app notifications with a unique shape and was introduced last year, the new iPhone model has an even faster chip than the previous model.

It essentially proves that “iPhone 15s will run on an even more advanced processor that will enable the devices to accommodate the same kind of video games that typically require a console,” according to AP. Although this is a truly significant move for Apple, the video game industry will almost certainly be greatly impacted by it.

iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max also have an incredibly improved camera with seven lenses. The periscope-style telephoto lens is included, which improves the quality of photos that are taken from far distances.

This telephoto lens also captures an even wider view with upgraded 5x optical zoom than the previous model would, which only had 3x optical zoom. Clearly, the iPhone camera lens has been improved year by year, which could predict that Apple will create a whole movie shot only on the iPhone. Again, it could also certainly damage the filmmaking industry.


Another significant update about the iPhone 15 is that they adopted a USB-C cable in place of a lightning cable, due to the new European regulation that will be enforced in 2024. This change might confuse some people because they need to carry around a USB-C specialized charging cube, while a lightning cable only requires the USB port.

For example, when they want to charge their phone at Starbucks and they have a lightning cable, all it requires is the cable because they have a port on the wall that they can plug the cable in directly without a cube. However, since a USB-C cable is already widely spread all over the world, it’s time for us to adopt the world standard.

Not just the new iPhone, Apple also just announced the next generation of Apple Watch, called Series 9 Apple Watch. A new gesture control is added, including a double-snapping function that enables users to answer phone calls just by double snapping a finger and a thumb.

Apple Event

The gesture control has been attached Apple Watch since the previous series, like wrist tilt, but this is the first time that we don’t even have to physically touch the Apple Watch.

This year’s Apple showcase on Sep. 12 has announced many new revolutionary features. Apple has the potential power to change the entire tech industry, and this whole update seems to be a significant step to take.

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