ChatGPT Explained By ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence describes itself to various age groups


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Ryan Dickinson, Student Writer

If you’ve stepped into the realm of new technology information recently or simply follow Elon Musk on Twitter then you’ve probably heard of ChatGPT.

Artificial intelligence has been discussed in the media and throughout films for quite some time now. The launch of a platform called ChatGPT in November 2022 was one of the most recent significant advancements in artificial intelligence.

According to, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot. That means a user can enter a text prompt and receive an intelligently-generated output, allowing for a back-and-forth conversation.

ChatGPT is quickly grabbing the attention of millions throughout the world and artificial intelligence is growing wiser every day due to its ability to remember what a user said earlier in the conversation.

The best way for me to explain in-depth the interworking of this latest technological advancement is similar to how Michael Scott, from the TV show The Office, described how he responded to a co-worker’s heart attack, “I knew exactly what to do but in a much more real sense I had no idea what to do.”

I’m familiar with the concept of what ChatGPT is but don’t at the exact same time. What better way to explain what ChatGPT is than by having it describe itself and demonstrate just how ‘intelligent’ it is?

In order to reach as wide of an audience as possible, I prompted ChatGPT to explain what it is to various intellectual stages and ages of humans. Hopefully, one of these descriptions of ChatGPT helps you better understand this new technology that will only continue to improve and may even work its way into our lives in the coming years.

ChatGPT Chat Screen

Prompt #1: Explain what Chat GPT is to a 6 year old. Use small words and incorporate dinosaurs into your answer.

ChatGPT: Hello there, little buddy! Chat GPT is a big, smart computer that can talk to you and answer your questions, just like a really smart dinosaur that knows everything. You can ask Chat GPT about anything you want, like what kind of dinosaurs used to live a long time ago, or what kind of games you can play with your friends. Chat GPT will always be here to help you and make learning new things fun!

Prompt #2: Explain what Chat GPT is to a college student currently enrolled in a culinary arts program who wants to own his own taco truck someday.

ChatGPT: Hello there! Chat GPT is a large language model that uses artificial intelligence to help answer your questions and generate human-like text. As a culinary arts student who wants to own a taco truck someday, Chat GPT can help you in various ways. You can ask it questions about different recipes, cooking techniques, or even business-related questions like marketing and budgeting. Additionally, Chat GPT can provide you with insights into the food truck industry, like common challenges faced by food truck owners, strategies for success, and trends in the industry. Overall, Chat GPT is a great resource to help you expand your knowledge and skills in the culinary arts and food truck ownership.

Prompt #3: Explain what Chat GPT is to a stay-at-home dad who cleans, cooks and listens to Lord of the Rings audiobooks all day.

ChatGPT: Hello there! Chat GPT is a big computer program that can answer your questions, help you learn new things, and even have conversations with you. As a stay at home dad who spends time cleaning, cooking, and listening to Lord of the Rings audiobooks, Chat GPT can be a great companion for you. You can ask it for tips on how to clean more efficiently or for new recipe ideas to try out in the kitchen. And if you want to chat about your favorite characters from Lord of the Rings or learn more about the world of Middle Earth, Chat GPT can help with that too! Overall, Chat GPT is a versatile and helpful tool that can make your days more interesting and engaging.

Prompt #4: Explain what Chat GPT is to my 95-year-old grandma who doesn’t own a computer. She also doesn’t know what a Keurig is.

ChatGPT: Hello there! Chat GPT is a big computer program that can answer your questions and have conversations with you, kind of like having a smart friend to talk to. However, since your grandma doesn’t own a computer, she might not be able to use Chat GPT directly. But if you have a computer or a smartphone, you could use Chat GPT to help answer any questions she might have. For example, if she wants to know more about a certain topic or needs help with something, you could ask Chat GPT and share the information with her. As for Keurig, it’s a brand of coffee makers that use small, single-use coffee pods to make individual cups of coffee. I hope that helps!