Gun Control Issues in America

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Michelle Henry-Rodriguez, Student Writer

The Second Amendment of The United States Constitution gives Americans the right to keep and bear arms. Depending on the political or personal stance of the varying groups of America, that right has various constitutional meanings. This disparity divides Americans on the pertinent issue of gun control in America. With the national news of mass shootings in community schools, university campuses and churches that have piled up in recent years, the inalienable rights bestowed on every American loosely comes with numerous meanings of protection. Gun restrictions, laws, registrations and possession regulations vary from state to state. 

Many of the legislature and regulations that are in place are found to have loop-holes that offer “lackluster” safety. They allow many ineligible people to meet state legal requirements for purchases of various types of guns that could lead to unsafe practices. One toxic example is the boyfriend loop-hole. The Wikipedia definition states,“The boyfriend loophole is a gap in American gun legislation that allows access to guns by physically abusive ex-romantic partners and stalkers with previous convictions or restraining orders. While individuals who have been convicted of, or are under a restraining order for, domestic violence are prohibited from owning a firearm, the prohibition only applies if the victim was the perpetrator’s spouse or cohabitant, or if the perpetrator had a child with the victim.[1] Moreover, there is a connection between domestic abuse, stalking, and shootings.” Another loop-hole, in some states, allows juveniles to purchase long arms and shotguns. Some have been used in a number of school shootings. It is these regulations that lead to community uncertainties and unrest on both sides. Protests and battles in the state and federal  legislature divide many along political lines. The April 13 shooting of Ralph Yarl, who accidentally knocked on the wrong door in Kansas City pushes the agenda of pure paranoia, not lawful protection. Tennessee just recently gained notoriety with a public protest by students on state congressional members at their Tennessee Statehouse and it led to a heated expulsion of three prominent congressional members known as the “Tennessee Three”  named Representatives Justin Jones, Justin Pearson and Gloria Johnson.






In Texas the 2021 HB1927 allows most people over 21 years of age to openly carry a gun, in a holster, without a permit that is concealed or open. It is called the Open Carry State. There are some restrictions on where you can enter with a gun such as schools, court houses, polling sites on voting days to name a few. Some of the places allowed are the Texas Capitol Building, public areas of city facilities such as libraries or places without signage that prohibits handguns.  City employees are not allowed to carry on the job, but for police officers. One important note is that there is no limit on the amount of handguns you can carry. The school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas gave a sad light to gun control issues in Texas no one wants to speak on. Children and teachers were victims to shabby gun laws that let a killer into the lives of these families and our memories forever.

Lobbying and pushing our representatives to pass fair and meaningful gun laws and regulations that protect our communities and neighborhoods lawfully is needed on every level in every state.  The Second Amendment shined the light on our nation’s need to come together and lawfully protect our property and each other from enemies not our own neighbors. National, state and city news are pushing guns into our homes. It is our responsibility and due diligence to effectively educate our communities and our politicians and create and adhere to safer gun laws and regulations that protect us as citizens and not as the villains in our own stories.