New Nintendo Switch model is announced, but fans still get disappointed!!!

Trung Tran, Student

Nintendo just announced a new model of the popular Nintendo Switch, named Nintendo Switch OLED. Despite rumors, the new model will only have minor upgrades like a new OLED screen, enhanced audio (according to Nintendo official website), a LAN port on its dock,  and a new kick-stand design.

The new model will be priced as $350, that’s $50 higher than their regular model, which is sitting at $300, and $150 than the Nintendo Switch Lite, which is $200. If you don’t have a Switch yet, this is a great time to jump in with the new model. As for fans who already have their Switch, this might disappoint them.

Despite the rumors for a pro version with upgraded hardware, the Nintendo Switch Pro is a no show as of right now. Many fans have expressed their disappointment on social media, as they feel the need for a better Switch is needed, so the Switch can keep up with the new generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony. But it seems like Nintendo doesn’t think so. Perhaps the pro version will be announced in the near future once the gap between the Switch and others console is too large to be ignored.

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