The Comeback – 76ers vs. Raptors

The National Basketball Association or for shorter terms the NBA is in its prime of playoffs today! Last night the 76ers basketball team, which are located in Philadelphia went into overtime against the Toronto Raptors whom are based out of Toronto Canada. The game was at home for the Toronto Raptors and to say the least it was a very neck and neck game. If you are unfamiliar with basketball, overtime is basically the cherry on top of the sundae. It is very thrilling and exhilarating for both parties and their fans. It was up until the last second shot in which the 76ers were unable to finish leading them into overtime with a score of 95 to 95.

The immediate flashback that happened for last nights game was when the Raptors won in the “shot heard around the world” for the championship a couple years ago against the 76ers. It is without a doubt that the 76ers did not want history to repeat itself even though it was just a playoff game, so they buckled down and played the overtime game as if it was their last. It was in that moment of the clock winding down with only 0.9 seconds left on the shot clock for the 76ers that Joel Embiid shot an incredible three pointer before the shot clock buzzard ended. The Raptors then got the ball for the ending seconds of the game in which they could not get a shot off. Thus leading the 76ers to a 3 to 0 lead in the playoffs with Embiid’s magnificent three pointer, it was his first ever career end of game winner too. I look forward to watching how the rest of their game series goes against the Raptors.