Mistake of Fortunate Disaster?

How Gorilla Glue Changed Tessica Brown’s Life

Tiona Clark


In life we are sometimes met with unforeseen challenges. We make mistakes that can lead us further from or closer to our destination. Thankfully, there are people with experience who are divinely placed on our path to help us navigate unfamiliar territories. This is the very foundation of humanity, to help those in need.

Tessica Brown became a viral sensation in February when she made an Instagram post explaining how she couldn’t remove the gel she used in her hair for over one month. She tried many times to wash her hair after using Gorilla Glue, a construction adhesive mistaken with the hair gel Gorilla Snot famous for its spectacular hold.

It wasn’t until she posted on Instagram, that someone mentioned to Tessica that she had been using the wrong product all along. Tessica’s videos were quickly shared across various media platforms prompting a series of jokes and memes from many internet trolls and ultimately, caught the attention of a few medical professionals.

After a failed attempt to remove the glue at her local hospital and losing her ponytail, Dr. Obeng M.D. a Harvard Medical, board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA, heard about Tessica’s story and offered to help. Dr. Obeng M.D. put his extensive background in chemistry to work by creating a solvent made of medical grade solutions.

After a successful surgery and removal of the solvent, Tessica was set to receive a Mommy Makeover from Dr. Obeng. To ensure the procedure would be successful Dr. Obeng provided a pre-surgery consultation that included a mammogram. During the routine procedure a few lumps were discovered and tested for cancer. The lumps were found to be benign and safely removed.

Now just one month after multiple health scares, the mother of five announced that she is expecting her sixth child with her fiancé known as Dewitt Madison, who has four additional children of his own. The couple is excited and thankful to welcome their new bundle of joy. Some may have seen this Gorilla Glue incident as a major setback, but without her making an honest and very public mistake she would not have resolved many underlying issues to her health. This situation gave the doctors an early sign of lumps that may have led to very serious health complications and could’ve cost Tessica Brown her life. Ms. Brown is soon to be married, healthy, and pregnant. Sometimes life pulls us in a direction that at first glance may seem detrimental but has the ability to transform our lives in a way we never thought possible.